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I'm proud to collaborate with brands which share my passion for adventure, challenges and top-level performance. I invest 100% in my preparation, and I love collaborating with companies who share my dedication.




Cervélo bikes need no introduction in the world of triathlon; they consistently produce the fastest and most durable bikes in the industry. It’s been an absolute joy to partner with them from 2022, and race on the P5 for the Xtri season, while using the light allrounder Caledonia for training and some challenging warmup races. Cervélo bikes are world.leading in terms of performance, but essentially for me, their construction also allows me to easily adapt the position and set-up of the bike and carry out mechanical maintenance, which can be deciding factors in extreme triathlon.


Deboer Wetsuits

World class wetsuits and swimskins for all conditions. Deboer creates game-changing wetsuits for the fastest performances, but is also unique in adapting this technology to cold water swimming - perfect for the Xtri Would Tour.


BASWA Acoustic


Located just a few kilometres from my home, BASWA Acoustic joined me as a main partner in 2022. The company creates acoustic interior architecture (including the famous St Moritz swimming pool, which a few triathletes may recognize!) My partnership with BASWA gives me direct support for racing, training camps, and the travel and logistics involved. However, it’s also a partnership between individuals who are passionate about sport, getting the most out of yourself, and enjoying the whole process. Partnerships with business not directly related to triathlon have a very special value for me; you’ve found people who are essentially saying, even if you don’t represent our target market, we want to support you, and believe we can benefit from each other – and it’s a huge privilege to find this kind of support.




Zalaris are the title sponsor of Norseman, one of the most important races on my calendar, which made them a natural partnership choice for me. This partnership goes far beyond a simple business relationship, however; Zalaris CEO Hans-Petter Mellerud in his team are passionate athletes and supporters of pushing your limits, and their drive to use their platform to fund projects for people affected by cancer are truly inspiring. As an organisition, Zalaris places a clear focus on healthy and happy employees, and it’s an honour to have a role in sharing my story with this company and having their support on race day.



Precision crafted triathlon, run, bike and XC ski clothing - made with Nordic grit. TRIMTEX creates performance clothing for champions in the toughest endurance sports, in line with their motto of "true grit." There is no other brand that I know will give me the perfect apparel for taking on extreme triathlons - and training



Delicious, natural, easily digestible bars, gels and chews for fueling high-performance and adventure. During 12 hour races in extreme conditions, but also in daily training, CLIF products are the ideal mix of tasty and nutritious - I've been a fan for over ten years.



Performance eyewear suited to all types of challenges. 100% glasses offer rim-free options with a full range of vision; ideal for protecting the eyes while in the time-trial position, and perfectly fitted to sit comfortably on the run. Plus they just look cool.


Garmin_LGO_008 negativ_weiss_ohneDreieck

The best watches and bike computers for timing, data collection and navigation. Garmin products are an essential part of my training to ensure that I stay on time and on track. In addition, I get lost quite a lot, so I rely on Garmin to find my way out of the wilderness.



ATHLTX offer the complete package of targeted, sport-specific strength and mobility training, physiotherapy, and recovery protocols. To perform, I need a strong body, and the functional one-to-one training at ATHLTX keeps me robust and efficient for triathlon. I also know that as soon as any injuries or fatigue arise, they will be immediately taken care of.

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Update Fitness AG

Update Fitness gyms offer more than 60 top-class training facilities in Switzerland - with the added bonus that they have long opening hours, perfect for an early morning or late night workout! Indoor training, especially using their strength equipment and treadmills, is a big part of my training year-round.

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